EZ Small Claims® is a division of Yale Attorney Service which I started in 1984. I wanted to start my own business to help people, by keeping them from having to spend thousands of dollars on attorney costs and court fees. So they could avoid going through all that I have gone through in my many years dealing with the courts. I‘ve had many personal friends that are attorney’s but I wanted to help others, who couldn’t afford an attorney, to get the help they required in order to sue in small claims court and win! I have seen people walk out of court houses in tears and give up because the court staff was unable to assist them with any legal advice. Sometimes it takes months to get on a list to get free help, if you can find a court that still offers the free service and by then you just want to move on and feel it’s not worth it.

EZ Small Claims® is just what the name says, we make the small claims process easy for you to file online from the privacy of your home or work. You don’t have to worry and stress out about having to wake up early, drive to the court house, pay for parking, go through security, and then try to figure out where your suppose to go. Only to stand in line for hours at a time before you get to the counter. If you try to ask for help, the staff responds that they can’t give you legal advice, so you either try to figure it out yourself or you give up, walk out and decide it’s not worth the hassle!

This is the number one reason why many people either give up filing their claim or they spend thousands of dollars to hire an attorney. Because they felt that they had no other option. The court system is continuously changing. If you’re not going to the court house routinely you have no idea how often they make cuts which make it harder for someone like you. Someone who has no idea what you are getting yourself into just by walking into the court house.

That is where EZ Small Claims comes in. We are here to take the burden off our clients by taking the stress out of filing your claim. EZ Small Claims® researches, completes and files your claim at the court house for you.

Since many people or companies do business under names that are different from their legal name. We make sure you are suing the right person, party or company. It’s our job to help you with all the confusing and difficult paper work so you just have to worry about showing up to court on your court date. Going to court is stressful enough so it’s important to hire someone who has for over 32 years experience working with the courts to help take that burden off. We are here to help you. We have one of the top small claims specialist in California in our office and are proudly a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Taking care of our clients and going the extra mile is all part of our services. Welcome to EZ Small Claims® a division of Yale Attorney Service.