$120 Small Claim Service Fee
$30-$75 Court Fee (see list of Court Fees below)
$65& up* Process Serving Fee (per defendant per serve)
$10 Electronic Filing Fee (applicable in some counties)

Your total fee will depend upon the amount of your claim and the number of defendants. For example, if you are suing one defendant for $5,600, your fee would be $235.00 ($120 Small claim service fee + $50.00 Court cost + $65 Process serving fee if service is local to us). Depending on the region, the process serving portion of the fee may be higher.

*Process serving fees vary from region to region; we’ll negotiate the best rate we can for you, and give you a total fee quote up front, before payment.*

Additional process serving fees are charged when more than one defendant, document and/or location is involved. We can often negotiate a discount for a second serve at the same location. To avoid extra charges, please indicate the correct current address and phone number for serving the defendant. If the defendant has to be re-served at a different address, the process server charges an additional fee.

The majority of our cases are completed for the $65.00 service fee, plus court costs. However, if your case requires significant additional research, such as claim details or correct name and location of defendant, additional hourly fees may be charged. We will notify you in advance if this becomes necessary.As the fees discussed above are part of the “court costs,” a portion or all of the fees may be awarded to you in addition to the judgment, assuming the judge rules in your favor.


If you are suing for:

$1 – $1,500 Court fees — $30.00

$1,501 – $5,000 Court fees — $50.00

$5,001 – $10,000 Court fees — $75.00

After you fill out our form and submit it to us, we will notify you by email that we have received it. We’ll contact you with any questions we have in order to complete the legal papers. We will also advise you of the total fee to be charged for your claim before moving forward.

***Note: We are not attorneys and we encourage you to contact an attorney for legal advice. Although we provide you with the benefit of our expertise and excellent service, we cannot accept responsibility for the details or the outcome of your claim. All sales are final no refunds***

What We Do For Our Clients:

• We professionally prepare all of the documents for your small claims case.
• We conduct name searches with the county records office & the California Secretary of State to correctly identify the defendant(s).
• We file your claim with the appropriate California court.
• We will professionally serve the defendant (the person or entity that you are suing) with all necessary court documents. One defendant is included in the costs at check out. *serving a second defendant is an additional $65.00. If your case involves more than two defendants please call our office and we can negotiate the best rate for you depending on location and circumstances of your case.
• We file proof(s) of service with the court after the defendant(s) have been successfully served.

We take the time to get to know our clients so we can best serve you. Your business is important to us. Our customer service and your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We treat our clients like family.

Important Information:

EZ Small Claims, where winning your case can result in little or no costs to you.

The money you spend on court services at EZsmallclaims.net is added to the amount of the judgment against the defendant(s). You may be reimbursed in full for the fees charged by our service when you collect your judgment. In California, you can also recover court filing fees paid by EZsmallclaims.net
Your court date will typically be within 4-6 weeks (this is an estimated date, depending on where your case is filed) EZsmallclaims.net has no control over scheduling court dates. All court dates are determined by the courts at the time of filing your paperwork.

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