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EZ Small Claims®
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Federal Lawsuit Is Finally Over With EZ Small Claims VS EZ Small Claim
Justice Is Finally Served When It Comes To Trademark Infringement

Ontario, California : It has been a long battle taking down the bad guys but justice has been served in the case of shutting down EZSmallClaim.Com AKA EZ Small Claim.
 Hundreds of consumers were ripped off by the company based near San Diego and in Pasadena known as EZ Small Claim. EZ Small Claim was not offering true legal services in the form of small claims legal document preparation, court filing and process serving. Our company, EZ Small Claims®, is a division of Yale Attorney Service which has been in business since February 4, 1984 was getting the blame for the fraudulent company known as EZ Small Claim. EZ Small Claim was scamming the public by acting as if they were offering true legal services but fooling the consumers and tricking them by offering a 24 hour money back guarantee! They would upload a draft copy in their “MyCase portal system” and ask if everything looked good. They said that they would file it with the court. Being a customer you would think everything was legit until a month or two passed and you would hear nothing from the courts. You would repeatedly call their office and email the company and get no response. Many customers were told your case worker just stepped out, by the time the consumer realized something was going on months had passed by and they would not issue a refund. some of these clients would go online and search for another phone number to find a corporate office location or another phone number where someone would pick up the phone to get answers. This is how they found the real and original company EZ Small Claims based in California.

The only difference with the names is the S at the end of the word claims making it plural but the original company EZ Small Claims’ customer service and ongoing support is truly one of the best in the Industry! A client named David, who was one of the victims documented in the lawsuit, stated “The genuine company is truly awesome they went above and beyond to help me collect my money back from the fraudulent company and help me with my small claims court case to actually get filed.” Thanks to S.K., Jeffery and Lester I won my case, I am grateful I found them but I’m sure there are thousands more victims out there that didn’t realize what was going on. I hope they come forward that way if it’s not too late to get their money back . SK was sure great about writing a letter to my credit card company to help me at no added cost now that’s customer service! Family own business’s are hard to find now a day’s; sadly many of them are gone and replaced with corporations”.

Another client who was a victim stated “they kept wanted more money and they spoke in broken English and got hostile towards me when I asked for my money back, they threatened to sue me”. Mr. Flowers stated. ‘I sent all of the emails over to the genuine company to help their case so justice could be served against them”.

On October 23, 2015; Lester Dinerstein DBA Yale Attorney Service doing business as EZ Small Claims filed a lawsuit against Yeghsapet Mariam Zartarain AKA Elizabeth Zartarian and her company, EZSMALLCLAIM.COM LLC for (1) Violation of the Lanham Act 15 U.S.C. 1125 (a), (2) Unfair business practices under California business and professions code 17200 ( “UCL”) and 17500 ( “FAL”) (3) Common law trademark infringement and (4) Tortuous interference with prospective economic relations Dkt 1 at 1.

On March 3, 2016 the honorable Stephen V. Wilson, U.S. District Judge granted the plaintiff’s motion for default against EZ Small Claim, the judge issued a court order to shut down their websites down and from ever using the name EZ Small Claim or EZ Small Claims again. The websites were transfer over to EZ Small Claims a division of Yale Attorney Service.

The public can now rest easy and not have to worry about being ripped off as the company known as EZ Small Claim websites are finally in the hands of the original Company owned by Yale Attorney Service. When we spoke to the owners daughter SK Strong she said “Justice was finally served, I took this personally as I care about all my clients and when we were getting calls daily from customers who were ripped off thinking it was us, screaming at us that we took their money when we didn’t. The public didn’t understand how this was even happening; they almost didn’t believe us because they copied the look of our website to a tee! It was so upsetting because we work so hard to build a good reputation, I work long hours to handle all our clients’ needs at times and for them to just steal our name and say they were our company when they were not angered me. Sk went on to say, for it to just be taken away like that was truly unfair”. When asking Ms Strong, if she was relived it was over; her response was “YES!” I thank god for my awesome attorney Mrs.Dwight. I knew when I got into a confrontation with Ms. Zartarian in the Fontana Superior Court house when this first started and we realized that this was clearly not a small claims case it was much bigger with more at stake. I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands and find the best attorney out there to fight for our name, our rights and good will! I told Ms.Zartarian I will shut her down one way or another. “You will not continue to use my families company’s good name and ruin it and scam the public. I will put a stop to it and you”. Ms.Strong stated we had a huge fight on our hands and she needed the best attorney out there. She knew her attorney at the time was not experienced enough and she had to find the best copyright and trademark infringement attorney for Intellectual Property Law and Ms.Dwight was it! “I was very confidant she would get the job done and it was a pleasure working with her”. “She cares about her clients and is an aggressive attorney that is not going to tip toe around anything , when someone steals your companies name and portrays themselves as you and take the public’s money and consumers assume it’s you it’s a very stressful situation that I am thankful is over!”

When asking Ms Strong what if people down the road read the rip-off reports on EZ Small Claim and think it’s you? She stated “That is why we are going to make a public statement and post a copy of the court order online everywhere and I will contact rip-off report customer support but I don’t know if in this case they will see we will be suffering prejudice if they are not removed! I’m hoping they will understand like Go Daddy, Facebook and Instagram were and take a federal court order seriously we shall see! I am thankful this nightmare is over and got a court order and judgment against her and the company!”

  • The court GRANTS permanent injunction relief prohibiting defendants from infringing Plaintiff’s mark.
  • 1) Using the trademark and trade name “EZ Small Claim” or “EZ Small Claims” in any and all advertising, promotional and website material and URLs; 2) Otherwise infringing Plaintiff trademark or; 3) Causing like hood of confusion, deception, or mistake as to the source, nature, or quality of Defendant’s services.
  • The court grants default judgment as to the plaintiffs motion for default judgment in part. Judgment is ENTERED in favor of plaintiff, Specifically
  • The court GRANTS default judgment as to Plaintiff’s Lanham Act and tortuous interference with prospective economic advantage claims.
  • The court GRANTS Plaintiff’s requested injunctive relief with respect to the use of the Mark as stated above.
  • The Court GRANTS Plaintiff’s request for $30,000 in damages.
  • The Court GRANTS Plaintiff’s request for $10,000 in punitive.
  • The Court Awards Plaintiff $999.50 in cost and $6,207.50 in Attorney Fees.

EZ Small Claims® is a division of Yale Attorney Service that Mr.Dinerstein started Yale Attorney Service in February 1984. He started EZ Small Claims in 2005 when he had his office in the city of Upland, California. EZ Small Claims offers legal services in the form of Legal document preparation of small claims lawsuit, filing legal documents at the Superior Courts, Service of Process, Document Control, Judgment Recovery, Bank Levies, Abstract of Judgment, Wage Garnishments, Filing documents at the county recorder, Messenger Service, Records retrieval, Subpoena Preparation, Legal Research, E-Filing, Fax Filing, Courier Services, 3-30-60 Day notices, and more. This makes them one of the leading attorney services in the inland empire. EZ Small Claims a division of Yale Attorney Service just celebrated their 32 year anniversary in the attorney service business on February 4, 2016. You can visit their website at: find them on Facebook at

The public can rest assure that they don’t have to be confused anymore when it comes to who the real EZ Small Claims® is now.

If you were a victim of EZ Small Claim please reach out to the original EZ Small Claims and ask for SK Strong and she be glad to help you. They will offer to show you the judgment and court order and federal lawsuit to shut them down. They will also do whatever they can to help you get your money back and file your small claims case.

UPDATE: 12/19/16

We finally got our trademark under EZ Small Claims® and the fraudulent companies shut down. All websites under the fraudulent companies have been turned over to us and we shut their trademark down. The nightmare is over.