Thank you so much for your help and dedication. The minute I contacted you for help was a huge relief to my family and I. I can’t thank you enough! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family. To everyone who is looking at this message PLEASE DO NOT hesitate to contact them. Thank you!! God bless you.
Jocelyn Romero Ferreira
Thank you for helping my friend Dora Chavez and specially so late at night and after hours, I sure will recommend you
Mari Tere Lua
EZ Small Claims did a very professional job working on my claim to fight Credit Card Fraud with MasterCard. My claim was written up very carefully without any flaws.
Eric Strausman
I’m so grateful for the decision I made to have EZ small claims handle my claim and help with getting my case heard. They won my case for me in court and did an amazing job, couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks again Starr and Jeff.
Barry Hatch
EZ Small Claims helped me write up my case and present it in claims court, with their help I was able to win my case!!! They were easy to work with, and go the extra mile for their customers !!! I definitely recommend them to anyone needing help with their small claim lawsuit.
Carry Hoffman
Thank you for helping me get my money back from the fake EZ. I greatly appreciate it so very much . They are con artist they keep all your money and never do the work. If it wasn’t for your office I would still be waiting thank you so much SK & Jeff
Yelena S
Look no further, this team is for you 110%! What a relief they provided to my family & I. Such a blessing 🙂
Veronika Sarkisian
To all Colleagues, potential Customers and Clients of The Real EZ Small I posted a message a couple of days ago that was a lesson in Confusion & intentionally being mislead for fraudulent monetary gain, A bogus company in San Diego County, has intentionally replicated a legitimate Small Court Claims assistance firm, EZ Small Ontario Ca., literally copied logos on there website that had belonged to the legitimate Court assistance firm, website to confuse and siphon off, EZ Small Claims. Net’s clients & potential customers. The office staff of the bogus firm, has went as far as representing themselves as the office staff of the legitimate company, How do I know this? I was a victim of their lying, deceit & deception. The Real EZ Small, .assisted me in recovering my money that had been stolen by this bogus company and wrote a letter to my credit card company and got my money back & helped me re-file my Small Claim Court case & with there expert advice and recommendations, I won my case last month. As always fraudulent, illegitimate & Scum bag owners of these types of companies are allowed to operate & continue to steal money from unsuspecting people. EZ Small – Yale Attorney service .. YOU ROCK:) Dave Kafold
Dave Kafold