Today’s Question Of The Day Is On statue of limitation

Today’s Question of The Day On Small Claims comes from Jessica W. . SK what are the statue of limitation in small claims court ? I wanted to file and was going to call your office to speak to you but my mom wanted me to inbox you she reads your Google+ page daily. Thank you SK so much and love reading them when I Google When she goggled you found your Google plus page and all the #SKQOTD YOU ROCK !!!!!

Hello Jessica , Statutes of Limitations Are different In many states, the time limit on filing, otherwise known as the statute of limitations, will depend on the type of claim. In California, for example, you have 4 years to make a claim on a written contract, and 3 years to file for property damage. The statute of limitations on oral contracts and personal injury is a little shorter, if you don’t sue within 2 years, you can’t sue and that money is lost . It’s always best with dealing with any type of agreement that you have a written contract! If you ever need help with a written contact call our office at 909-986-0883
below is some of the statue
Medical malpractice actions: -Three years from the date of injury or one year from the date of discovery of the injury, whichever occurs first.
-Breach of an oral contract: Two years.
-Breach of a written contract: Four years.
Suits for libel or slander: One year.
Personal injury claims based on negligence: Two years.
Suits for injuries resulting from domestic violence: Three years from the last act of domestic violence.
Childhood sexual abuse: Eight years from the victim’s 18th birthday or three years after the victim realizes that physical or psychological injury has resulted from childhood sexual abuse, no matter what the victim’s age.

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