Today’s Question of the day on Small Claims court comes from George Peters.
Hello SK, Can you tell me why its better to have you serve legal paperwork than the sheriff office? I like to know why you are better? Thank you and love your #QOTD, you rock!!!!!
Good question of the day George, and I would be more then happy to answer this for you! Process Serving is not an easy job, there are benefits’ with using us ( A private Process Server) or having the sheriff serve your legal documents . I will explain the cons and pros of having a licensed and bonded Process Server ( Like our company) serve your paperwork VS the sheriff office So below I will have a list of why it is better to have our office VS the sheriff’s office serve them. The choice is up to you, but we do everything we can to go above and beyond for our clients. .

Having the Sheriff serve your paperwork
– The cost is $40.00
– They wear a uniform

– Limited number of attempts on process serving
– They hold on to your legal documents and don’t serve it right away, and wait until they have a group of serves in that area .
– They will type a proof of service BUT WILL NOT FILE IT!
– If they cannot get it personally served, they will charge you again after the 3td attempt and you end up paying more.
-If they can NOT serve it after 3 attempts than your screwed and have to pay to have it reserved.

Having us / Private Process Server Serve Your Small Claims
– The cost is $65.00 for unlimited attempts on defendant if service is in southern California , $85.00 if Northern California
– Service go’s out within 48 hours ( In Southern California )
– We make every attempt to get your papers personally served and if we can’t than we will substitute serve your small claims * SUB SERVE IS LEGAL AND ALLOWED BY LAW ON A Small Claims Case
-We type and file the proof of service all for you. So we take care of all the hard work for you
– It is easier for us to get defendants served because we are incognito, so we blend in and get your papers served with all our recourses to get them serve

– We are not in a sheriff uniform
-We do not drive a police car

At EZ Small Claims/Yale Attorney Service we have very high standards for our Process Servers and we always go above and beyond for each of our clients. Its important to hire a company you trust and with being in business since February 1984 with over 32 years experience we treat each of our clients like family. We have very high standards of respect, honest, integrity for not just our process server but for everyone who is a part of EZ Small Claims team. Our mission is to help each of our clients from start to finish with the entire process. So if you are needed assistance for Small Claims, Court Running, Process Serving we are here for you! We have a 5 star rating for our service on our face book page, and on our Google+ page. Call us today at (909) 986-0883 or visit our website at

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Kindest Regards,

SK Strong
EZ Small Claims
Top Small Claims Specialist In Southern California
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by SK

Hello I am SK Strong and I am one of the top small claims specialist in California. I am here to help you! It is my goal to help each of my clients win their case and I do my very best to help and fight for you to win your case. I am not an attorney nor practice as one. However, I know the small claims rules and an advocate to help the public know there right when it comes to filling a small claims lawsuit, I help each client that contacts our office and do my very best to help you know your rights. My office assist with typing, filing, and serving your small claims all for you. My office is here for ongoing support and rated the best in customer service in small claims. Also rated A+ with the BBB. We Are EZ Small Claims bought to you by Yale Attorney Service, We been in business for over 33 years helping the public with all there Small Claims needs. We Will Type, File, and Serve and file the proof of service all for you, taking the stress and burden off you by helping you through the stressful process of a small claims lawsuit. When your court date comes you just show up to court and present your case. We do our best to make this easy for you. We put the "E" in EZ Small Claims. My father came up with the name EZ Small Claims back in 2005 and was using the name to start helping the public as he worked full time for many law offices and in 2010 I took over and took EZ Small Claims to be #1 in customer service and on going support during your entire small claims process. We are also BBB approved with an A+ rating. See why we are #1 in legal document assistance and process serving and Call us today. SK Strong EZ Small Claims Small Claims Specialist (909) 986-0883 * I am not a lawyer and do not practice as one. I am here to help assist you with small claims document preparation. Small claims court was made for the average person can afford to sue to get back money in a fair inexpensive matter, I post questions ask to me and answer that you can find on the court websites I am here to help the public understand their rights and be an advocate **** In preparation of these blog, every effort has been made to offer the most current and correct information possible. However, inadvertent errors can occur, and applicable fees, laws, rules, and regulations often change. None of the information provided on this site should be construed as legal advice. The information published is a general summary of the rules concerning service of process, or other small claims questions and may not apply directly to any specific circumstance.


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