Today’s Question Of The Day On Small Claims Court. Can an Attorney go to court for me?

Today’s Question of the day comes from Bob White. Hi SK I have a question I love your expertise on and thoughts? I done a lot of research and you are the top small claims specialist in the state so I want to know if this is true in the small claims court. Can you have an attorney in small claims court represent me in my case? I have heard conflicting stories and I’d like to hear from you as after all you are the best in California. Wish I was not up north I love to meet you and take you to lunch
Thank the good lord you do the whole state of California LOL.
BTW; I used your services in Jan last year. I had the car accident with the dump truck do you recall? Anyhow, look forward to your reply, saw you on Fox News you did great! So glad that nightmare is over can I have your Facebook page link like to follow you? I was on Facebook late and saw two a page and personal page and wasn’t sure which one to follow!
Bob White

Hello Bob, thank you for your question of the day on small claims court. This is a question I get daily answering the phone here at the office and every day I am ask about if an attorney’s can represent a client in small claims court. The answer is Yes and no, let me explain. The only time an attorney can represent you in small claims case as in an appeals case. Such as, if you’re the defendant and lose your case you can hire an attorney to appear for you in court. On your first case you must represent yourself, this is why small claims court is affordable. It cuts down the attorney cost down so you’re not having to file a civil complaint for money. These type of lawsuits cost thousands of dollars and small claims court only cost a few hundred dollars. We make our service affordable because we take the hard work out of it for you.
Why go to the Court house? Why waste your day trying to file your small claims? Let us do that for you. We know the ins and outs of the Court system. We will get your small claim filed for you within 72 hours. By using EZ SMALL CLAIMS we take the stress and burden off of you.
We type the small claims forms, we make sure that you are serving the correct party, we file the small claims at the proper court, and we file the proof of service after the service was completed by the process server. Our Service fee is $100.00 for typing and fling your small claims for you at the court. This includes but not limited to name searches to make sure the defendant is listed correctly, we are here every step of the way.
Court fees ranges from $30-75 and process serving fees ranges from $65-$85 and all your court fees and process serving fees are awarded back to you if you win your case. We are also here for ongoing support for our clients to help with their every need to prepare them for small claims court.
We are small claims specialist, I am the top small claims specialist in California I know the ins and out of the California court system Attorney do not know small claims court the way we do. For over 32 years my family has own this business and believe it or not back in 1984 my father would be giving the clerks of the court forms because he made up his own program EZ Forms back in 1984 .

Thank you for your question of the day on small claims court,
SK Strong
Top Small Claims Specialist in California
EZ Small Claims TM

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